Volunteering For Veterans, Bettering Our Profession

Nadia Bettac at Austin Bar Associations Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic.On July 10th I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Austin Bar Association’s Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic. It was the first time I had volunteered, because I thought my background in personal injury was not really relevant to any needs of our veterans. However, I soon realized that there were other skillsets that I have learned through our profession that made the time effective for both myself and the veteran I was assisting.

We as lawyers, cannot solve all of the problems or offer any guarantees. What are good at doing is listening, taking notes, and breaking down complex things. When I applied those skills, I took a look at the root of the issues and found that if I combined my litigation experience with my mediation mindset, I had a talking point. We could find some working room to at least get the wheels turning toward a solution.

It is important to use our skillsets as lawyers for not just making money, but for helping those when they need it the most. Our profession is one of service and it is imperative to show the community that supports us that we support them too. Our courts, our system is for the people and it is our job to make sure it stays that way, even if our time is sometimes free. This is a wonderful way for our profession to serve those who have served for us, and our country. This monthly program would not be possible without funding from the Texas Access to Justice Foundation and Austin Bar Foundation. Huge thanks to them for allowing me to participate.

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