More Than 10 Years of Mediation Experience

Parties involved in a lawsuit will often employ a neutral, impartial mediator to achieve resolution to their matter while avoiding the time and expense of a trial.

Nadia Bettac is a trained mediator. She has engaged in mediation as a litigator for over a decade. As a mediator, she is tasked with evaluating risk, exploring potential recovery for both sides, and realizing the best settlement outcome.

Nadia conducts mediation sessions for motor vehicle accidents, personal injury cases, and general civil litigation. Mediation sessions are two hour, half, or full day, and are conducted remotely via Zoom. Additional accommodations such as in person mediation sessions are available upon request.

Mediation Fees: The 2023 rates are $280 per party for two-hour session/ $575 per party for half-day (4 hour) session / $1,150 per party for a full day (9-5) session. Payment of the fee is due prior to the start of mediation.  Please make checks payable to “Bettac Law Firm, PLLC.”  Taxpayer identification number is 92-3251583.

Cancellations/Rescheduling: Sometimes mediations need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We ask that you please do so at least three (3) business days prior to the scheduled mediation to receive a full refund of the mediation fee.

If you cancel or reschedule within three (3) business days of the scheduled mediation, you will be subject to a cancellation charge of one-half the total mediation fee, charged to the cancelling party.

Credit Card Payments: You may pay your mediation fee online using the links below:

2023 Two Hour Mediation


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2023 Half Day Mediation


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2023 Full Day Mediation


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